Flash Caller app gives Camera flash alerts on incoming Calls and SMS with the flash blink of your camera.The LED camera flash will blink when mobile phone receives a call, message or notification from any other installed app.

Flash caller

Now you can check all weather details from notifications,no need to open app again and again. just click on notification it will update or you can use auto refresh interval.

Notify Weather

In this application, you can see all notifications in different style. You block any notification. You can change theme of notifications.

Shady Notify

For Non-Egde phone this application help you to make your phone more personalized and look like it has edge. In this edges around colored light flashes.

Pulse Edge Animation

Speed Contact lets you create shortcuts of contacts on the home screen to make fast calls. You can shortcut all your favorite contacts on the Home screenn. Also you can make shortcut for custom contacts.

Speed Contact

Access your device's sound sliders straight from the notification drawer, Widgets or Floating buttons !


Hug Shot On is an app that delivers functionality to auto add ‘ShotOn’ watermark tags on pictures captured from built-in camera for your smartphones.

Hug Shoton

Make any type of file shortcut to homescreen. You can change name and image of shortcut.It will easy to use file whom you use daily by putting them on homescreen.

FileMan Shortcut

Turn on/off flashlight on your phone instantly by holding volume down button. It's quick. It works in screen on, lock screen and screen off . Just works anytime, It makes you feel that you have torch with physical button access at any time.

Insta Torch

Make notes on custom lockscreen.It has feature to backup and restore. All Backutp notes are encrypted. It has lock feature which will help you from other to see your notes.

H-Encrypted Locker Notes

Hug Bothie is a simple way to take a picture from both sides of your world!. Taken bothie has watermark. You can swap picture and share them too.

Hug Bothie

Hugremapper allows setting custom actions for hardware buttons on your Android device without Root.


Simple weather app for current and forecast weather details. Forecast of weather is available in this application.Notification shows up for weather details.

Hug Weather

Some time you need to open application while using other app and search it in application. With this application add all favorite application in one place and use them when needed.

Fav Appbar

Toggle Flashlight using Home Google button.Easy and fast way to toggle flashlight.

Home Torch

Make softbar for back,recent and home button. Sometime our button goes broke so it will help you to do work for them.


Insta ScreenShot Share is using the API of "Cast screen" built in Android 5.0.You can start a screen shot with Floating button,from notification bar tool, from Quick Tile

Insta Screenshot Share

Easy and light weight application.Now you can take screen shot of any activity and any time using home button.Long Press Home Button and take screen shot anytime.

Insta Shot Share

Activate Screen Sleep by holding the Home button.Easy to configure the app by Select app from button for activate home button,Select app from admin setting button for activate screen sleep.

Insta Screen Sleep

A simple widget to lock the screen of the device without having to press the hard button.To uninstall you've to unmark the option in the security administrator and unistall the app in aplication section settings.

H-Lockscreen Widget

Camera Flash on incoming notification.Flash Notification have new light design follow material design, so beautiful and Easy to use.Notification for Applications- You can select app to enable flash alerts for.

Notification Flasher

Sometime while we put phone in pocket it dial to someone automatically so it will you from this.When ever you put phone in pocket it will lock phone and whenever you remove phone from pocket it will unlock it.

Pocket Lock

It adds rounded corners to your screen.This app offers many settings which allow you adjusting the corner's radius as well as specifying which corners to enable you to round.


Create shortcut on any picture in your phone to homescreen to see,edit or share with other.

Speed Pictures

Volume Changer allows instantly see on your desktop and quickly adjust the current volume levels of alarm, media player, voice call, ringer and system notifications.Volume Changer displays the current volume levels, regardless of the way in which they were set.

Volume Changer

Activate screen sleep by holding the Volume up button.No need to click power button again and again.

Volume Screen Lock

Whats Clean is a housekeeper for WhatsApp that removes all backup created except latest one.This app will allow you to keep your device fresh,fast and clean! it's simply a housekeeper for WhatsApp.


Do you want to save WhatsApp Status for whatsapp images and WhatsApp videos ?!It will help you to do this.

WStatus Saver